Happy Kids Home  works with parents and designs a developmental program or growth plan specific for their child. This will assist in their child's mind stimulation to develop their mental, emotional, and social skills. In this way, we prepare their child for preschool.

Happy Kids Home  teaches basic reading and counting, shapes and colors and most importantly to be potty trained. Our simple programs are structured to encourage these young minds to become better and well developed kids. We have qualified and compassionate child care specialists that are CPR and First Aid Certified and FBI cleared. We are also frequently updating our craft and expertise with continuing education of appropriate courses as required by law and for personal knowledge and advancement.

Happy Kids Home  hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm or later as needed or arranged (not on a daily basis). We accept infants, toddlers, and school age kids, part time or full time. We are willing to work with parents on their schedules including holidays, night time, and weekend child care and other matters such as food and snacks.

Happy Kids Home  is a provider of Contra Costa Child Care Council and serving West Contra Costa County for the past 16 years. We are licensed to do business in Hercules and a member of good standing of the Hercules Chamber of Commerce.


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Testimonials from Parents:

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We take pride not only what we do but how we do it. We are accountable to the Most High.

- Auntie LiLian and Auntie Kristine 

Licensee/Child Care Specialist

Grandmother and mother, respectively 

"HKH = Love and Happiness"

HKH  is now accepting early enrolee's for Fall 2014 Program.

Please call us at (510) 313-0393, (510) 367-2613 and look for

Auntie LiLian



"Thank you for taking good care of our son.  Last year was toughest for us, because of my school at night and full time interim during the day.  Without Happy Kids Home, I could not focus on those and finish my program.  You make me feel that I have a family here in America to back up in case of emergency."

                                                                                                                                                 Julia 'mother'


"Our little boy has been going to Happy Kids LLC day care, run by the experienced hands of Aunt Lilian, since January 2013 when he was just 6 months old. Now he is a big boy of 2 years old. 

Happy Kids LLC is managed in a very professional way. They are quite thorough in maintaining relevant health and contact information for our baby. They have always been prompt in responding to our queries. 

So far our boy loves to spend the day here. We enjoy seeing kids being cared for in such friendly and affectionate environment. Our boy is greeted with a warm welcome from other kids when he walks in. We love when we sonetimes bump into one of these kids in the park. They would run to us and express their joy of seeing a friend. 

We very much appreciate the way she pours her motherly attention to the care of every little baby at her daycare. She seems to treat these babies as part of her own family. Above all, Lilian never hesitated to step forward whenever we needed extra help, for example, keeping the baby for extended hours if need arises. We wish continued success for Happy Kids LLC and all the best for the babies they look after. ---Nahreen Imam (Dentist) and Mahmood Hussain (Professor at SFSU), Hercules, California"
Nahreen & Mahmood

"My granddaughter has been going to HKH since she was 6 months old and we have been very pleased with our experience. We are fortunate to have found a stable daycare we can trust and rely on. We feel like she was with extended family members that truly knew and loved her when she goes to HKH. Lilian and staff have done a great job teaching her important social and behavioral skills. I would highly recommend them."

Anna, grandparent

"I was very hesitant in putting my daughter into a daycare so I asked around and kept getting great referrals to Happy Kids Home in Hercules. I met with the family and immediately felt at ease with them. So in August of 2007 I decided to give it a try. My daughter immediately fell in love with the family, which is hard to believe because my daughter takes to no one. She has now been there for over a year and a half and I also just enrolled my 10 month old with them as well. They are so much like a second family to my girls. They are so loving and compassionate with them I wouldn't trust anyone else to take care of my little angels."

              The Hart Family


"My husband and I are extremely happy and relieved with Happy Kids Home. We have peace of mind that our daughter is in the best of care when we are at work. When our daughter was about 15 months old, she used to throw tantrums by throwing her head bak and hitting the wall or floor but after about a month at Happy Kids Home she stopped completely. They give the attention my daughter needs and they let us know right away if they notice even a small scratch or bruise. My husband's work schedule is always changing and they always accommodate our schedule even on late notice. Our daughter looks forward to going to Happy Kids Home to play and learn and I can see that she enjoys being there. Thank you to the Happy Kids Home Family for taking such wonderful care of our baby girl."

                 Jasmin and Anthony, parents

"We are so blessed to have found Happy Kids Home for our son. He started going to Happy Kids Home when he was about three months old. Now he is more than one and a half years old . He has learned so much and he has gained a lot of little friends too. Thank you Ate Lilian and Kuya Lito for sharing your home with our child."

                  Dahlia and Mike, parents


"As first time parents, my husband & I were very skeptical & scared on who to leave our baby with. But this was the best decision we could've ever made! Lilian & Lito are like second parents & we know that our baby is being taken care of in the best manner possible. Even though we might not get to experience all the fun & exciting things that we get to see on a daily basis, Lilian makes sure we get to see & hear all the exciting news either thru pictures, email or just by her daily check-ins with us! HKH is definitely providing a loving & fulfilling environment for our little one & we thank you for that... "

                   Isadora and Julio, parents

"We are so happy to have found HKH for our little son. Lilian and Lito have put in so much to make him feel at home.  He's so happy to go there and when we pick him up he's always smiling.  They've taught him all these nursery rhymes and now my son is always singing them. He's also made a lot of little friends at HKH which he misses when he's away. I know my son's in great hands and that makes having to leave him so much easier. Thank you Happy Kids Home for making your home my son's too! "

                Ray and Linda, parents

"We are extremely lucky to have our 10 month old daughter enrolled at Happy Kids Home. Lilian and Lito are very attentive and caring with our daughter, it is like her second home. She is excited in the mornings to go to HKH and has a smile on her face when we pick her up in the evenings. She enjoys playing with and watching all the other kids. We are able to go to work in the mornings knowing that our daughter is being taken care of in a loving and nurturing manner. Thank you Happy Kids Home! ."

Hey Auntie & Uncle:
We had a chance to watch the video that you gave our daughter on her graduation from HKH, and we wanted to thank you ALL for what you've done in aiding in her development.
The video makes us realize to appreciate every moment because time goes by so fast.
You guys are the best.. I don't think all the parents realize how much time you really put in to love our children...
Thank you so much...

             Dave and Ily , parents

"Being first time parents and not having family in California, we were very nervous, scared and sad to have to put our son in daycare. We researched at least 10 daycare's and found that HKH was the perfect place for our son! Lilian, Lito and their family were very welcoming to us and instantly made us feel secure about trusting them to care for our son. They are very communicative and professional yet very caring and understanding! Lito is very creative in sending us photos of our son via e-mail and it is awesome to see my son so happy and interacting with the other kids and the family. When we drop him off at daycare, he is always greeted by Lilian with a smile and open arms! HKH is definitely the next best thing as a home away from home for our son! As parents, we know that he will thrive and be taken care of when mommy and daddy are at work! We feel very fortunate and blessed that we have found HKH! Many, many thanks for caring for our precious one!!!! ."

Cheryl and Des, parents

"Happy Kids Home is a special place in so many ways. They are so kind and gentle with our daughter. You can see they really do care, everytime I'm there I feel like I am with family, and I know that they treat my daughter as if she were their own. As a parent how could I possibly ask for more."

Mark and Annalyn, parents

"Our experience with Happy Kids Home has been overwhelmingly positive. Our children, as well as ourselves, couldn't be more happier and thankful with the love, care, and support that they are receiving from the staff. This place is truly their second home."

Eric and Lalaine, parents

"We know that our son is getting the best care just like being at home with mommy & daddy. We are grateful for Lilian & Lito and the care they take in making sure our son is cared for everyday."

Connie & Robert, parents